IT’S EGG NOG TIME! Plus other wonderful items time! You can order on-line, securely, super fancy, no hassle.

Lots is new this year. (We went a little nuts.) Treats include some low-cost options (as little as $2.50) and some low-cal options (0.00). We even have Jones Market Store gift certificates that you can redeem in-store for any of their goodness, so the sky is the limit.

We have two standard delivery times to choose from: Dec 3 and Dec 17. If you want delivery at the Winter Market, you must order by Nov 28 (less than a week away!)

1. Cache up on some local holiday food & drink that you are going to buy anyway. Save time. Do now.
2. Support Heart of the City in its quest to keep Fort Atkinson better before bigger.
3. Support young, adventurous WiSconnie entrepreneurs and celebrate their upstart energy.

Pick up December 3, from 9am to 2pm at the Fort Winter Market, Heart of the City booth (in the Cafe Carpe at 18 S. Water St. W.) or indicate that you’d like your products nearer the holidays — Dec 17 in Jefferson’s Rotary Park or by arrangement.

Valentines Coffee, chocolate, dried cherries, and other goods will be available at the December 3rd Winter Market at the Cafe Carpe.

Local Fort Atkinsonians: you may pick up a paper order form at Jones Dairy Market, the Fort Atkinson Senior Center, or the Cafe Carpe.

Cheers to each and everyone of you! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! to all of our Heart of the City supporters. Don’t wait another second. Even if you shop by paper copy or return email, check out all local products here at the groovy website we made.